Postpartum Doula Support

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New Parent Thriving Support

Because a family with postpartum support is more relaxed and confident. My goal is actually for you to thrive during your newborn months, not just survive it!

New Parent Thriving was intentionally created to ease the anxiety that families experience as they grow. Whether you’d like assistance with newborn care, new sibling adjustment, baby-wearing, household tasks, or simply another set of hands available for whatever comes up, I am here to help.​

Little ones grow so quickly and arranging for postpartum support to aid in navigating time where needed, frees up parents to remain fully present and mindful in these first days, weeks and months.

You are always a New Parent as each baby challenges and encourages you to grow, with other children at home you’ll often need even MORE support to get the rest you so desperately deserve.

Each session consists of a minimum of 4 hours of care.

Sometimes the household will get the boost they need after only one visit, while others prefer to have multiple visits spread out over weeks or even months.

Parents can choose the number of sessions that their specific family needs and more can always be added later. 

This session also makes a fantastic addition to a baby registry! 

New parents can always benefit from the gift of time.

Investment: $108/4hrs day-time ($27/hr)

                                  $256/8hrs over-night care ($32/hr)

Add-On 1hr/$25

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Mind-Body Postpartum Support

This support package is intended to soothe postpartum muscle discomforts and bring a holistic awareness to your new body. You will be supported through massage therapy, mindfulness exercises and gift to ease the postpartum transition. I will also provide breastfeeding support, as well as helping with newborn care, baby-wearing, meal prep etc.

*1x 4-hour postpartum support visit

*1x 60-minute postpartum massage during our visit (included in the 4hrs)

*a body oil blend tailored to your specific needs 

*mindfulness exercises to continue your care and share with your household

This package is designed for those who are looking for a combination of physical healing, emotional connection, and self-care. My aim is to intentionally create the time and space for recovery and family bonding during your postpartum weeks.

Investment: $220

  • $85 for a 60-minute massage for your partner!